SouthWind Boats | 20′ – 22′ Hybrid Pontoon Boats

So what is a Hybrid Pontoon Boat? It's a tricked out saltwater pontoon boat. The Hybrid Pontoon Boat by SouthWind is being called "The Evolution of the Pontoon Boat" and is considered the second generation in pontoon boating. What SouthWind has done is taken the best features of pontoon boat design (upper deck) and combined them the comfortable ride of a fiberglass deck boat (hull design). We love them because of the room, the options they provide you with and the fact that are the are pure fun. SouthWind Pontoon Boats are party boats, sunset cruisers, "take the kids fishing" boats - ultimately they are fun-in-the-sun machines!


  • black Black
  • bronze Bronze
  • burgundy Burgundy
  • burnt-orange Burnt Orange
  • deep-blue Deep BLue


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