Employee Spotlight: Mike Adams

We wanted to introduce you to our new person in Sales, Mike Adams! As a Captain, he brings a lot of great experience to Cannons and has some great stories to share.

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Mike Adams and family

Originally, I was born in Oceanside, California. My parents moved here in the late 80′s. We bought a house on Anna Maria Island and I went to Anna Maria Elementary School. (We love that.)

Tell us about your family.
I have an absolute wonderful beautiful wife who I dated in high school and I was lucky enough to convince her to marry me. We have a wonderful, beautiful little daughter, Mallory Grace, she’s almost five and a son, Parker Brooks, who will be two in May.

Did you grow up boating and being around the water?
I did. In California, my dad was in the boating industry and worked for Hobie Cat and Hobie Power Boats which was a spinoff of the Hobie brand. The first Hobie Power Boat was designed by Phil Edwards who is a prominent figure in the California surfing community. When we lived in California, I was surfing when I was three!

Did you adapt to the Florida water after moving here?
100%! Growing up on the island, we used to come home from school, grab our cast nets and catch bait, and then grab out fishing poles and go wading behind our house. I would surf any chance I got, but it’s a lot different here than in California.

Did your family have a boat when you were growing up?
When we moved to Florida, the first boat we purchased was from Cannons; a 1975 19-6 Aquasport. That boat stayed in our family for a long time; until probably 8 years ago. The first boat that I had, I bought was a similar boat, a 1969 Aquasport 22-2 flatback.

Why did you decide to become a Captain?
It was a rude awakening coming from California to Florida. I quickly realized it needed to go from surfing to fishing. I was fortunate because the house my parents bought was only one street over from where Captain Scott Moore and his son Justin lived. So, I was exposed to it growing up; Justin was my friend and his dad did charters. I started getting pretty good at fishing and as I got older, I started taking my dad’s business clients out fishing.

After college, I was working at a bank in Tampa and one day, one of my friends and customers came in one day and said, “Put in your notice because you’re coming to the Bahamas with me in two weeks!” He ran a 65-foot yacht and he wanted me to come work on it. He said, “You’re a boat guy, it’s in your blood.” I did give my notice and went down to be his first mate. I was totally “green” during that experience, but I knew it’s what I wanted to be in so I started to get my captain’s license. It’s hard to explain but you can’t avoid the call of the water! Don’t fight it.

What is the most extreme or coolest thing you’ve done out on the water?
Probably the most amazing experience would with Chris Fischer, who had a show on ESPN called Offshore Adventures. At this time, I was captaining a boat for Mike Carter in Costa Rica. Chris Fischer was also in Costa Rica filming and had just purchased a large mother ship/expedition vessel that was 165-foot, so he got an idea to invite a handful of people from Los Suenos to a very small island called Cocos Island. It’s 285 miles in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you were going from Cost Rica to Galapagos, you would pass this. We went out there and shot seven episodes with him and appeared in four. We hung out on the boat, caught a ton of marlin, sailfish and tuna. It was like Pirates of the Caribbean out there! The island is widely recognized as a top diving spot. The “fence” is an imaginary boundary that the country enforces around the island to keep commercial long-liners away. When diving here you can watch hundreds of lobsters crawling around and fish swimming over top of you and dozens of sharks below you. The cool thing is, the sharks aren’t interested in you because they’re full. There is so much food for them around there! I felt like this was a place that less than 1% of the population will ever see, so it was crazy. We ate fresh fish every night and the camaraderie of the guys was pretty neat.

What are some of your favorite local boating destinations?My family and I have a couple secret spots but we love the Jewfish area, Egmont Key, Bean Point and anywhere where it’s calm, clear and beautiful. My family and I go to Boca Grande as much as possible and I recently discovered the Tarpon Springs area that is a remote spot. Not a lot of people travel to it so it’s an undiscovered paradise. It’s beautiful; the water in clean and it’s not too populated.

What are some of your favorite restaurants that you can boat to?
The Cortez Kitchen, Mar Vista, and Rotten Ralphs by the Cortez bridge because they’re the only restaurant open for breakfast! We also really like the Salty Dog.

What is your job at Cannons?
They brought me on to grow the brokerage and handle sales of Jupiter boats. Before I was at Cannons, I was the General Manager at Rivera Dunes and while I was there, I helped custom-build over 40 Jupiters. So, for our Jupiter customers, I can help suggest some things that are right for their family, help them choose colors, electronics, choose a color scheme so their smaller boat matches their larger boat or even a color scheme to match the boat to their daughter or son’s car. It’s kind of wild all the options that are available! Let me tell you, if someone can think it or want it, as long as it is legal, we can accomplish it with a Jupiter.

How do you think your experience as a Captain helps you in your job at Cannons?
When someone is buying a boat, I think I can understand what they might want even if they don’t know quite how to explain it. Also, after they purchase a boat, I can take them fishing in it for the first couple of times to get them comfortable and show them how to use the boat and how to fish the boat.

How have your first couple of months been at Cannons?
Yeah, it’s been successful! I think I’ve brought some great things to the table for them and they’ve given me a platform to use what I’ve learned boating and my marina management experience.

Tell me about working with your teammates and David Miller at Cannons.
David has known me since I was eight years old when my family bought a boat from Cannons. I remember that they used to put pictures of me up on the fridge in the Cannons’ office when I would catch a fish. I think me working here was an easy fit for both of us.

If you were going to buy a boat, why would you buy one at Cannons?
Cause I already have! It’s all about reliability, stability and service. We offer an awesome selection of vessels and yachts. One thing that’s great about Cannons is the fact that they’ve been in business for over 56 years. It lets the customer know that they’re extremely stable and there’s a lot of stability in the organization. The service is recognized as 5-star certified and they’re known for being extremely good at what they do.


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About the author: You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl. I grew up in Bradenton and moved to NYC when I got an internship at the David Letterman show (don’t worry, I wasn’t one of the interns who had an affair with the boss!) I eventually scored a job at CosmoGIRL magazine and then at MTV. But no matter how cool the job was, I hated dressing in layers, sweaters make me look bulky and I missed wearing flip-flops every day. I also missed my family. So, after 9 years of drinking waaay too many Cosmos and eating waaay too many BBQ nachos at Virgil’s in Times Square, I moved back to the sunshine state. My life is now ruled by my two-year-old daughter, Olive. She loves going to the beach and playing in the sand. Just like Mommy.

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  • David Miller February 25, 2012, 12:18 pm

    Welcome aboard Capt. Mike! We are excited and happy that you are working with us here at Cannons Marina.
    Oh yea, did I ever mention to you that I am also an alumnus of Anna Maria Elementary School?

  • Amy February 25, 2012, 1:15 pm

    Mike sounds like he is a perfect fit for Cannons…matching the color of your little boat to the color of your big boat…what a concept!

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