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Red Snapper Season 2014 – Recipe and Fishing Regulations

Euphemia Haye's Red Snapper Renee
Euphemia Haye’s Red Snapper Renee

It’s almost time for the Red Snapper 2014 season to open in the Florida state waters – here are the details on the fishing season AND a new Red Snapper recipe from Euphemia Haye’s Chef Ray!
The Red Snapper season in federal waters is already closed for the year, but the FWC opened up an extra window of time allowed in Florida state waters (which is from shore to 9 miles out) from May 24th to July 14th.  Details on limits can be found on the  FWC site.
After a successful day of fishing, you’ll have a fee Red Snapper fillets that are cleaned and ready eat!  But just how will you cook them? We are sometimes stumped with finding new ways to cook fish…sure, you can stick to the same old boring ways of frying or broiling, but we are always looking for something a little more exciting.  A recipe with a touch of class would be nice too. So, we asked Chef Ray Arpke from Longboat Key’s elegant Euphemia Haye restaurant what he would do and he shared a recipe that will really impress your family – Red Snapper Renee.  It looks and sounds fancy, but its preparation is simple and quick.  Here is a grilled fish recipe with a flavorful topping that’s out of this world! Enjoy!

Chef Raymond Arpke’s Red Snapper Renee

4, 4 oz. – 7 oz. Red Snapper Fillets (or Pompano fillets can be substituted)
3/4 Cup Sweet Onion, Julienned
3/4 Cup Scallion, Julienned
3/4 Cup Red Bell Pepper, Julienned
1/2 Cup Pimento-Stuffed Spanish Olives, Rough Chop
3 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Black Pepper, to taste
1/2 Tsp. Ground Cumin
Heat 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a sauté pan until it just begins to smoke.  Add the onions to the pan and toss them in the oil, season with salt, pepper and ground cumin. Toss again.  Sauté tho onions until they brown slightly.  Add in the scallions and bell peppers.  Re-season and sauté the vegetables until cooked but still a little crisp.  Add in the olives and toss everything together until hot.  Set aside and keep warm.
Season the fish with salt and pepper, to taste.  Brush fish with the remaining 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  Grill the fish flesh side down.  After the heat from the grill has made marks on the fish, give them a quarter turn to make nice marks on the fish.  When they have dark crossed marks, turn them over and finish the cooking.  They are done when the fish is white throughout and has lost any translucency.  Plate the grilled fish and top evenly with the olive mixture.  Serve immediately.
To try more of Chef Ray’s dishes, dine at his restaurant Euphemia Haye, located just down the street from Cannons Marina.  Reservations can now be made online!