Sarasota Boat Rentals

Looking for a Sarasota boat rental? Sarasota has so many wonderful things to enjoy – the arts, the fine dining and the beautiful waters.  We recommend getting out from the downtown area and getting into the water on a rental boat.  See what Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico have waiting for you to discover. There’s sparkling water, dolphins jumping, manatees gently floating by and you smiling while the wind blows in your hair and the sun warms your skin. If you rent a boat from Cannons Marina, you’ll begin your journey into a side of Sarasota you’ve never seen. 

Cannons has fishing boat rentals, deck ski boat rentals and whatever the perfect vessel is for your relaxing day ahead. Browse through the photos of Cannons Marina’s Boat Rentals and check out our Boat Rental Rates and you’ll see that we have the best deals around. Come on in for your rental boat and your vacation will reach new heights.  Here are some of our favorite boating destinations around Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key and Anna Maria Island. See what our beautiful waters have waiting for you.

1. Cruise Along Bird Key

Slowly cruise along Casey Key’s Gulf side and see the gorgeous and ritzy homes, well, mansions.  See if you can guess which house is Stephen King’s or Oprah’s. Wait, Oprah? Yes, rumor has it; she owns a house on Casey Key as well.  Is it true? We don’t know, but we’ll still be on the Oprah lookout.

2. Explore Beer Can Island

Between the Northernmost side of Longboat Key and Coquina Beach, there is a beautiful, undeveloped stretch of land called Beer Can Island. This little sand spit is a popular destination for boaters to drop an anchor, swim and walk along the sand bar.  It’s a great spot to picnic and look for marine life like Horseshoe Crabs.

3. Eat Up at Old Salty Dog

If you haven’t been to this waterfront joint yet, your boating destination has arrived!  Cruise into this City Island eatery and park your boat at their boat dock.  Order up the Salty Dog, a 1/4 pound dipped in batter and fried until it is golden brown.  If a whole Dog sounds like too much, you can get the “Dog Bites” is a Salty Dog that has been cut into pieces and served over a bed of fries.

4. See Ringling’s Mansion by Water

Cruise by John and Mable Ringling’s mansion, the Ca d’Zan, on Sarasota Bay.  The way the sun hits the beautiful Venetian-style architecture is magical.  If you look toward the museum, you can also see the bronze copy of Michelangelo’s David in the distance. Just stunning!

Check out Cannons Marina’s Rental Boats and Rental Boat Rates.  Book your rental boat today and start your dream vacation will begin now!

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