Yamaha Outboards: Indisputably, The Best Boat Motor.

For a boat motor that is reliable every time, Yamaha is the one to trust. Yamaha outboards deliver innovation that is enlightening and control that is empowering. And this is why you’ll find Yamahas powering the highest performing boats in the world. Increased reliability, fuel efficiency, lower operational costs and ease of boating – ultimately, Yamaha promises boaters more uninterrupted hours on the water. And really, that’s what it’s always been about. Visit us, the area’s only 5-star Yamaha Outboard Dealer and see for yourself the powerful partnership that is Yamaha and Cannons. 941-383-1311.

Ground-Breaking Technology: Yamaha Helm Master

Helm Master is Yamaha’s first fully integrated boat control system for select twin and triple outboard powered new boats. Electronic steering with the innovative joy-stick assures easy maneuvering while docking in tight spaces or windy conditions. The rigging and controls are tuned precisely for your boat making control easy. Yamaha engineered Helm Master to be pilot-centric, so that every aspect of operation is convenient and comfortable for you.

Navigating Fun.