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Anna Maria Tides For Anna Maria Island, Florida


The Anna Maria Island tide chart is based on the tides at the Anna Maria City Pier. These tides are located at Longitude –   27.5333° North, Latitude – 82.7300° West.  The Anna Maria Island tide table is a service provided and updated monthly by Cannons Marina. *

*Note: Tide Tables Are Based On Day Light Savings Time. *Tides Are Predictions And Are Not Guaranteed.

AprilHigh TideLow TideHigh TideLow TideHigh TideMoon Phase
Fri 1x1:55 AM10:07 AM12:49 PM6:51 PMx
Sat 2x2:58 AM10:36 AM2:27 PM8:16 PMx
Sun 3x3:51 AM10:58 AM3:36 PM9:32 PMx
Mon 4x4:35 AM11:18 AM4:32 PM10:36 PMx
Tue 5x5:14 AM11:38 AM5:24 PM11:34 PMx
Wed 6x5:49 AM12:01 PM6:13 PMxx
Thu 712:30 AM6:22 AM12:27 PM7:03 PMxNew Moon
Fri 81:28 AM6:53 AM12:57 PM7:54 PMxx
Sat 92:29 AM7:23 AM1:31 PM8:47 PMxx
Sun 103:35 AM7:52 AM2:10 PM9:45 PMxx
Mon 114:50 AM8:19 AM2:54 PM10:47 PMxx
Tue 126:19 AM8:45 AM3:45 PM11:57 PMxx
Wed 138:28 AM9:03 AM4:46 PMxxx
Thu 14x1:09 AM9:55 AM11:25 AM6:02 PMFirst Quarter
Fri 15x2:18 AM10:16 AM1:32 PM7:36 PMx
Sat 16x3:14 AM10:38 AM3:03 PM9:08 PMx
Sun 17x3:59 AM10:58 AM4:07 PM10:16 PMx
Mon 18x4:34 AM11:15 AM4:53 PM11:08 PMx
Tue 19x5:03 AM11:29 AM5:32 PM11:51 PMx
Wed 20x5:29 AM11:42 AM6:08 PMxx
Thu 2112:30 AM5:54 AM11:58 AM6:42 PMxx
Fri 221:08 AM6:18 AM12:17 PM7:18 PMxFull Moon
Sat 231:49 AM6:42 AM12:41 PM7:55 PMxx
Sun 242:33 AM7:07 AM1:09 PM8:35 PMxx
Mon 253:22 AM7:34 AM1:41 PM9:19 PMxx
Tue 264:18 AM8:04 AM2:19 PM10:08 PMxx
Wed 275:21 AM8:41 AM3:03 PM11:04 PMxx
Thu 286:32 AM9:30 AM3:57 PMxxx
Fri 29x12:05 AM7:45 AM10:57 AM5:05 PMLast Quarter
Sat 30x1:08 AM8:42 AM12:49 PM6:28 PMx
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