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what is red tide

Red Tide is definitely a beach-goer's and boater's nightmare.  It stinks (literally)!  Here are some basic facts about Red Tide and guidelines that you need to know about what to do when there is Red Tide in the Sarasota and Anna Maria Island area and on the beaches. It's an algae bloom that develops off-shore. The algae… Keep Reading

It's time to give ourselves a pat on the back! Kudos to us for ranking second in the world for Grady-White sales and customer service for the model year of 2015! We have earned the Grady-White Boats’ Silver Anchor Award for Outstanding Sales and Customer Satisfaction and were also recognized with membership in the Grady-White Boats Admiral’s Circle… Keep Reading

4 Best Fish to Catch in Tampa Bay this Fall


Changes in the seasons are under way and fish are reacting in a positive way for anglers. During the fall daylight hours begin to get shorter and the hours of darkness increase. This triggers a signal for fish to begin preparing for the cold days and weeks ahead when winter finally sets in. Fish prepare… Keep Reading

Florida avocados

A beautiful thing about living in Florida?  Having an avocado tree in your own backyard!  If you are lucky enough to have an avocado tree (or you know someone who does), now is the time to harvest it's buttery green fruits. Here is a beautiful (and delicious) thing to do with them...use them in Chef Tommy… Keep Reading


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the St. Armands Boat Show at St. Armands Circle, on Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th from 10 am - 4 pm.   We have had an enormous amount of fun hosting the past three St. Armands boat shows and we are even more… Keep Reading

Moon jellyfish in gulf of mexico

Moon Jellyfish have recently been making appearances at a popular local boating destination, Jewfish Key.  Hundreds of Moon jellies were recently spotted passing through and swimmers were not sure what to do - get out of the water or keep swimming? Don't been too alarmed, these Jellies don't pack too much of a stinging punch, but… Keep Reading

Grady-White Boat Sale!


Fall is upon us and now is the best time to be out on the boat!  If you haven't got your Grady yet, this is a GREAT time to do it - it's the GRADY DAYS boat sale. The Grady-White factory is offering terrific incentives towards the purchase of any new Grady-White Boat. NOW is the time to "get… Keep Reading

Boating Safety Checklist

Even the most experienced boaters can be caught off guard when an unexpected squall pops up or an unforeseen equipment failure takes place - when you are out on the water, you never know what may happen. It is always a good time to remind ourselves of boating safety tips to go over before heading out.  Here… Keep Reading


Thinking about going scalloping this year?  The 2015 Florida scalloping season goes through September 24, so you still have time to plan a trip, but the REAL question is...where is the best place to go?  Year-to-year, the "hot spots" change, so we called various marinas from the harvesting area to ask how the scalloping has been… Keep Reading

Fishing Tips for when the Water is HOT!

fishing when the water is hot

If you can't take the heat head FOR the kitchen!  Growing up, the kitchen always seemed to be the hub of our house. There was usually something that smelled good, tasted good, looked good, or something I wanted to eat there. By the time I became a teenager, the kitchen was my place of homage… Keep Reading

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