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Many people think of February 13 - 14 as Valentine's time...not us!  We know, the most important thing going on that weekend is the Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival 2016!  This festival has certainly stolen our heart.  To us, nothing is more romantic than strolling along the lanes of Cortez Fishing Village, smelling the salty air and… Keep Reading


Thank goodness the weather is going to cooperate this weekend for the Bayfront Boat Show, located at Marina Jack in downtown Sarasota on January 29 - 31. Mother Nature will be providing the gorgeous sunny days and we will be supplying the latest and greatest Grady-White Boats for you to peruse (and definitely drool over).  We… Keep Reading

Top 100 Boat Dealer 2015

It's official...Boating Industry Magazine named the "Top 100" list of Boat Dealers in America and guess what?  Cannons was on the list!  We are even more excited to announce that this is the 9th year in a row that we have made the "Top 100" list. We have to give a big "thank you" to our… Keep Reading

Grady-White Boat Sale!


Summer is just a few months away and we all know that summer is the best time to be out on the boat!  If you haven't got your new Grady-White yet, this just might be a GREAT time to do it - it's the SUMMER DREAMIN' Grady-White sponsored sale event. Grady-White is offering terrific savings… Keep Reading

Fishing on the Gulf Coast during a Warm December


So far, December has been amazingly warm in the Tampa Bay area. December days hitting the low 80's? Pinch me! As an angler, if you get out before or after any cold fronts, you can find some pretty awesome inshore fishing here on the Suncoast. Approaching fronts will keep offshore boats tied to the dock most of the… Keep Reading

Top 5 Reasons We Love Florida During the Holidays

florida snowman

  Florida is wonderful any time of the year, but December with temperatures in the 70's and 80's?  Yes, please!  We welcome all of our winter friends and we absolutely understand why people from up North want to visit us this time of year.  In addition to the weather (that's perfection!), there are so many events… Keep Reading

what is red tide

Red Tide is definitely a beach-goer's and boater's nightmare.  It stinks (literally)!  Here are some basic facts about Red Tide and guidelines that you need to know about what to do when there is Red Tide in the Sarasota and Anna Maria Island area and on the beaches. It's an algae bloom that develops off-shore. The algae… Keep Reading

It's time to give ourselves a pat on the back! Kudos to us for ranking second in the world for Grady-White sales and customer service for the model year of 2015! We have earned the Grady-White Boats’ Silver Anchor Award for Outstanding Sales and Customer Satisfaction and were also recognized with membership in the Grady-White Boats Admiral’s Circle… Keep Reading

4 Best Fish to Catch in Tampa Bay this Fall


Changes in the seasons are under way and fish are reacting in a positive way for anglers. During the fall daylight hours begin to get shorter and the hours of darkness increase. This triggers a signal for fish to begin preparing for the cold days and weeks ahead when winter finally sets in. Fish prepare… Keep Reading

Florida avocados

A beautiful thing about living in Florida?  Having an avocado tree in your own backyard!  If you are lucky enough to have an avocado tree (or you know someone who does), now is the time to harvest it's buttery green fruits. Here is a beautiful (and delicious) thing to do with them...use them in Chef Tommy… Keep Reading

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