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The Area’s Best Boat Rental Program By The Day, Week or Month.

It is no secret that the best way to experience the area's beauty is by boat. So, grab your kids, friends and pack a picnic and rent a boat from Cannons. For any type of water sport, Cannons has the newest fleet of rental boats and the most convenient program in the area. Center consoles, deck boats and runabouts are available by the 1/2 day, full day, week or month. Check out our rental boats and details by clicking on the boat tabs below.

Rental Boat Options

  • Renting a boat is easy - You'll never be required to pay high fees or make a  long-term commitment as with many boat clubs.
  • Rent for consecutive full days and pay the first full day rate, and the half day rate for subsequent full day rentals.
  • Rent for 7 days and only pay for 5. That is TWO free days on the water.
  • Call to reserve your boat: 941-383-1311

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