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Yanagibashi Fish Market, Nagoya, Japan

Akikio, our lovely Japanese guide escorted us early this morning to Nagoya’s main fish market-Yanagibashi in the heart of the city. The fish market is a prominent hub in daily Japanese life. According to Akiko, the shoppers are mainly restaurant owners and housewives.
Fresh fish is important to the Japanese diet and in fact Akiko estimated that the average Japanese person consumes approximately 25 percent of the world’s fish catch and their population is less then 1 percent of the world-wide! Akiko said that the average Japanese person consume 75 pounds of fish per year and by the looks of this fish market it seems to be true.
The market was busy and crowded, early shoppers defiantly get the nicest selection and the vibe was a definite hustle and roar. Every type of fish and mollusk seem to be represented. There were huge blue fin tuna, prawn, squid, octopus, oysters, flowers, seaweed and even kitchen wares for sale.  I was taken back by the quality and the selection in the market. David and I sampled dried seaweed and the most delicious and fresh tuna that I have ever tasted. What an experience and treat.
Later today we are scheduled to travel the Bullet Train to Hamanatsu, the home of Yamaha Marine Group. Hopefully I will be allowed to take my camera inside the new plant. I am looking forward to this part of the trip I am totally amazed at the efficiency and precision in this country.