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Boaters Be Warned. Ethanol can and will affect your Yamaha Outboard Motor’s Performance.

WarningEthanol. Yamaha Motors. Yamaha Performance.

Yesterday a customer called very unhappy about an annual service he had performed almost two months ago. The issue: ETHANOL fuel.
In June, we informed our customers that Ethanol blends even blended with ratios as little as 10 percent are causing problems. This is such an important issue that I want to reiterate this to our customers.

Ethanol fuel will:
Attracts and absorbs moisture from the air. Boaters will likely face more fuel contamination issues from water absorbed through their fuel tank vents.
Dissolves some solid materials (and can loosen any corrosion), e.g., varnish or even oxidation in steel and aluminum tanks, commonly found in fuel tanks, thereby contaminating the fuel.

Here’s what you can do to prevent some of these Ethanol issues:

  • Use fuel that has 10 percent or less ethanol
  • Use specific stabilizers that were designed for Ethanol in outboard engines:  Stratton or Stabil Ethanol Stabilizer.
  • Install a Yamaha mini-10™ filter or 10-Micron filter (the smaller mini-10 is designed for smaller boats with engines 115hp and under). Both Yamaha products filter out contaminants and separate water from fuel.
  • Carry spare filter cartridges in the event the filter element becomes clogged with contaminants while the outboard is in use.

NOTE:  All Yamaha products, rigging, accessories and parts, including Yamalube lubricants and fuel stabilizers are compatible with fuel blends using up to 10 percent ethanol.
We want you to enjoy your day out on the water.  Boating is fun for the whole family, but make sure you are doing what you can to mitigate the potential impact of ethanol fuel!  Call me if you want to discuss further.