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A Boat, A Yacht and A SuperYacht!

[nggallery id=90]During the holidays, we were searching the net and came across these interesting ships that we wanted to share with you.  We thought you’d like to see how the other side sails the seven seas!
Some defining facts between the words Boats and Yachts

  • A boat is defined as a watercraft under 40 feet.
  • A yacht generally ranges from 40 feet up to hundreds of feet.
  • A superyacht is defined as being a luxury yacht typically over 148 feet.
  • Superyachts  ‘A’ and Octopus are two of the world’s largest .

They are owned by super powerful men, Andrey Melnichenk and Paul Allen, respectively –  yes, the Microsoft Paul Allen. ‘A’ is the worlds’ sixth largest, it is the latest, hottest and most unusually radical superyacht ever built to date. Some say she looks like a battleship. ‘A’ is only 387.11 feet, and according to rumor, is valued at over $325 million dollars. Not a bad float pad for the 37-year-old Russian businessman, Andrey Melnichenko and his 31-year-old former supermodel wife, wife Aleksandra. As I said rumor, because any details on this ship are considered rumor since it has been said that everyone involved signed confidentially agreements. But what makes this superyacht even more awesome and even crazier then the rest of the boats in its class, is that the interior was designed by the famed designer, Phillip Starck!
So let’s continue on with the rumors.
‘A’ is to have two helicopters and several tenders – smaller 30 ft. speed boats within her berth. I also read that ‘A’ is equipped with anti-missile radar systems, a private submarine and many other fabulous toys aboard for Mr. and Mrs. Melnichenko. Nice show Andrey, want to buy a Grady-White boat for a tender?
Paul Allen is the proud owner of the superyacht, Octopus, the worlds’ third largest superyacht at 413.4 ft. and is valued at over $400 million. And while she is not as sleek as her supermodel friend ‘A’, she is pretty special in her own right! Octopus has very similar features as ‘A’, as she too has a helicopter, several tenders, a submarine that holds ten people, a basketball court, and many more toys for the Allens and their guests.
Although, the Octopus might not have the anti-missile radar thing going on, there is plenty of security for the Allens. It is rumored that the crew of almost 60 are former Navy Seals. So all you pirates, just beware, because Mr. Allen means business. If I had to pick my favorite it would be Octopus. It just looks more traditional and moderately sleek.  ‘A’ is awesome and special, but it leaves me cold as it looks like a battleship.
Hey Mr. Allen – The next time you are in the Sarasota, Florida area, stop by Cannons Marina and we’ll set you up with a couple of 30 ft. Bimini center console Grady-White Boats for your tenders.
Happy Cruising!