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Florida Writer: Terry Griffin’s Grady White Boat & Cannons Marina

blood-islandThe boat was a Grady White twenty-eight foot walk around. It was made for fishing, with a large cockpit and wide gunwales, made so that the fisherman could easily walk around the cabin trunk to the bow if he had a fish on the line. It sported twin 250-horsepower Yamaha outboards that would push it through the water at almost fifty miles per hour. She was my love, and her name was Recess.” – Matt Royal in Blood Island.
Matt Royal, Longboat Key author Terry Griffin’s fictitious, fun-loving protagonist in each of his three novels, Murder Key, Longboat Blues and his latest and best selling, Blood Island, captains his Grady-White for the same reasons Griffin owns the identical boat – reliability, comfort and Yamaha-induced speed. And both bought their boats and outboard motors at Cannons Marina, a bona fide family-owned marina on the very authentic island of Longboat Key Florida.
“Grady Whites are the Mercedes of boats,” says Griffin. “They’re comfy on the water, they never let you down and no matter how long that boat sits (sometimes weeks due to his busy schedule) those twin Yamahas start right up. That’s especially important to a guy like Matt Royal because adventures literally fall on him and he has to be ready to roll at a moment’s notice.”
Griffin and Royal could buy their boats and motors anywhere, but they chose Cannons Marina for several reasons. “Well first, Cannons is literally within walking distance,” Terry says with a chuckle, “but really, I wouldn’t buy anywhere else. The sales team understood our needs, David Miller was fantastic to work with and the service department takes very good care of us.”Terrell Griffin, Floirda writer Grady White Owner, Cannons Marina, Florida
The Griffins regularly take trips to Egmont Key and Sarasota, have lunch at the Twin Dolphin, perhaps scout out the location for a new book or just enjoy the wonderful weather cruising the waters of Sarasota and Tampa Bay. Royal is more of a fisherman than his alter ego, which makes the 28-footer perfect for pulling in the day’s catch or chasing the bad guys at top speed.
In 2009 Terry and Jean plan trips to the Bahamas with the Suncoast Grady White Club, Cannons Marina’s Grady Club.
H. Terrell Griffin is the author of three novels, Murder Key, Longboat Blues and Blood Island. Each features his main character, Matt Royal. Terry, a former Army medic and retired attorney, splits his time between Maitland and Longboat Key, Florida. Blood Island was a Fiction & Literature: Mystery/Suspense finalist in The National Best Books 2008 awards. Visit his website at