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Grady-White Boat Sale – Only 11 days LEFT!

Grady White Boat Sale, Cannons Marina, Boat Dealer FloridaNow is the time to purchase the Grady you’ve always wanted!
Only 11 days left for Cannons Marina’s Grady White Boat sale.  Now is an unprecedented sale on ALL Grady White models, Plus, Yamaha’s “Invest in the Best” event means up to $7500 in extended warranties or up to $4500 towards the purchase of your motor package. Offer expires July 30, 2009.

You can live the ultimate boating experience of your dreams.

Cannons Marina can show you how you can afford one of Grady-White models in the most complete line of coastal boats. Now is the time to purchase your new Grady-White boat! Visit Cannons Marina today!