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The Traveling Cooler.

Cannons-CoolerEven with two sizable neighbors sitting on my suitcase, closing it was out of the question. Something had to stay behind. Shoes? Sure, I could go from four to two pair. Clothes? OK, lose the extra slacks, the shirts I probably won’t wear and the extra sweater. How about the hammock? Back in the box. Shorts? Shorts in Alaska? Back in the dresser. Cannons Marina cooler? Untouchable! It stays in the Samsonite.
We’re seasoned travelers. Can pack for a three-week trip in five minutes flat. We’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. And we always, always take our red, insulated, soft-sided Cannons Cooler. Indispensible if a cold beer is what you want after a long, hot day of hiking and the car is parked in the sun. It’s our refrigerator away from home. More than once its iced-down the catch of the day. It’s also good looking.
London. Gainesville. Capetown. Idaho. Toronto. Bahamas. Vancouver. The beach. Alaska. Montana. Jimmy Buffett concerts. If we had stickers for all the places it’s traveled, it would be covered.
It’s quality. But then it came from Cannons Marina. It’s like the boats they sell, only more compressible.
Guest Writer and Photo:  Michael Riter, Longboat Key