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Obscure State Rule Eliminates Fish Cleaning Stations – Come On Now

Fish, Cleaning, Tables, Cannons Marina, Longboat Key Florida Boat DealersTake a crowbar to your fish cleaning station and rip it off your dock! They’ll soon be illegal unless you have a permit.

You heard right!
Homeowners, public fishing piers, marinas, fish houses and fish camps will all be criminals if the State of Florida follows through with pending rules requiring permits for fish cleaning stations, or fillet tables as they’re also known.
Something stinks in Tallahassee.
To avoid conflicts with the new law, Manatee County has removed cleaning tables from public boat ramps. Our (your) tax dollars paid for their removal.
Are you serious?
The state has nothing better to do than create laws that make these old timey dock side conveniences illegal? Fillet tables have been around since, well, probably shortly after the Calusa Indians wanted a better way to clean their catch. And now they’re illegal?
Hey Governor Crist, you’re an avid fisherman. Does Carole really want you cleaning sheep head in the kitchen?
Look, fish carcasses feed birds and enrich the ecosystem. They’re not a problem. Never have been.
Call, write and email your representatives. Tell them to repeal this ridiculous law and stop wasting time and money. Heck, they could be balancing the budget, when they’re not out fishing.