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Yamaha Motor Fuel Additives, Long Term Money & Engine Savers

Fuel Additives, Yamaha Motors, Cannons MarinaFuel Additives are not Hype and here is why.

Over time, carbon and impurities can build up in your engine, causing premature wear and avoidable maintenance costs. Yamaha recommends adding two fuel additives that can actually protect your engine and save you money in the long run. Ring Free is recommended to clean away the build-up of carbon and fuel impurities that can affect ring lands, pistons, combustion chambers, manifolds, ports, valves, the vapor separator and carburetors in either two- or four-stroke engines. These deposits can cause the moveable parts of your engine to stick and may eventually lead to a breakdown. You can prevent most of these issues by adding Ring Free to your tank each time you fuel-up. Yamaha recommends adding one ounce of Ring Free to every 10 gallons of fuel each time you refuel. If you have neverused fuel additives, consider an initial “shock treatment” of two ounces of Ring Free to every 10 gallons of fuel and then follow-up with a continuous program of one ounce per 10 gallons thereafter. Fuel Conditioner/Stabilizer is another excellent product to use on a continual basis and during long periods of boat storage.Your Yamaha engine is a high-performance motor that isextremely sensitive to different blends of fuel. Not all fuel blends are the same and the type of additives used dependson the brand of fuel you pump. Fuel is blended by each manufacturer and is made primarily for automobiles. However, your car’s engine is very different than your outboard motor. Fuel can burn “dirty” and may cause performance and other issues with your engine. To eliminate these issues, Yamaha created and recommends the use of Yamaha Fuel Conditioner/Stabilizer, which was specifically created for your Yamaha engine and keeps fuel from breaking down during periods of continuous use and or prolonged storage. For long periods of storage or non-use, Yamaha recommends toping off your tank and adding one ounce of Yamaha Fuel Conditioner/Stabilizer to each gallon of fuel. This should significantly decrease fuel breakdown and water build up in your tank. For continuous use, Yamaha recommends Yamaha Fuel Conditioner – Stabilizer in a ratio of one ounce per every two gallons of fuel. We are a 5-star certified Yamaha service dealer, call us today at 941.383.1311 and book your Yamaha motor service. By: Eric Eric Snode, Master Mechanic, Cannons Marina