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Yamaha Motor Battery Service Maintenance Tips

Yamaha Motor Battery Service is both straightforward and yet complex

Boat Battery, Cannons Marina, Longboat Key, Florida Yamaha Dealer Yamaha Motor battery service and maintenance is simple but keep in mind that different motors require different batteries and this blog is specific to Yamaha Outboard Motors. If you have another brand of motor I recommend consulting your local certified dealer for help and advice.
The main thing that we want to address is your battery’s size, type and the general maintenance will vary and that Yamaha Motor’s recommends a very specific size and type of battery based on the size of your motor.
The manufacture’s  recommendations can be found in the owner’s manual. If you do not have an owner’s manual,  you can try to find one online or just call the marina we will be pleased to help locate the information that is specific to your motor.
Yamaha Motors are sensitive to the following:
Note Yamaha does not recommend using deep cycle batteries, maintenance free batteries or gel cell batteries. These batteries are not designed for a high starter current or continuous charging.
• Keep battery terminals completely clean of any corrosion.
• All wing type or regular nut fittings must be tightened using a wrench.
• Check fluid levels monthly and fill to indicated level on battery.
• For batteries that are not used frequently, consider purchasing a slow charger for your battery and convenience.
Cannons Marina is proud to offer an award winning maintenance and a service department that is a Certified Yamaha Five-Star Service Center. Whether or not you purchased your Grady White, Scout or Yamaha motor from Cannons, if you demand quality maintenance for your boat and motor, come see us at Cannons Marina for your next service.