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Dogs on Boats Winners at Cannons Marina

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” Will Rogers

From the looks of the pictures submitted to the first annual Cannons Marina Dogs on Boats Photo Contest, Longboat Key and our Gulf coast waters are heaven on earth for our boating canine friends. They get the best bow (wow) seat, wear really cool doggy sunglasses, don big, floppy hats and keep close watch on their swimmy owners until they’re safely back on board. Take a moment to look at all the wonderful entries on Cannons Marina’s Facebook page and share the joy they feel when their owners ask the ultimate question…”wanna go for a boat ride?”

Taking First Place was Shyann Artez, submitted Ron, Mary and Albert Artez of  Sarasota.
Shyann is a very strikingly beautiful 10 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier with a smile that leaves not a doubt in the world that she’s a pet who loves to go boating with her family and will stay ever vigilant and on watch until everyone is safely back on board. Shayann is perched on the transom of the Artez’s 232 Grady White while his master, Albert approaches the swim ladder following an afternoon of snorkeling in the waters off Sarasota. Congratulations Shyann, you’re Top Dog! Shyann’s First Place win gets her a Doggie Life Jacket, Doggie Water Bowl & Food Bowl from REI.
Sadie Johnson, 16-month-old Golden Retriever is our Second Place winner.
It’s obvious this water dog loves to boat, swim and spend as much time with her owners as possible. Owners Jeanne and Ken Johnson of  Palmetto took this picture while on an afternoon swim at DeSoto Memorial Park in Bradenton Florida. Sadie sitting so proudly on her  Yamaha Jet boat.For taking Second Place, Sadie wins a set of Doggie Food & Water Bowls from REI.
Macy, our third place winner.
Our new friend and newest Cannons Marina representative, Macy, a 4 year old Basset Hound is our Third Place winner! How can you not love that face? Macy belongs to Laura Crosley and Bill Meyers of Bradenton and took this photo on their 28 Grady White. For taking Third Place, Macy wins a doggie water bowl  from REI.
Honorable Mentions
And then there’s Sam and Mister! Sam and Mister are awarded with an Honorable Mention because they are just so cute! Sam belongs to Gwen Edwards of Greenville North Carolina and Mister belongs to Toni Lyon of Holmes Beach.
In the end, as one customer said so sweetly today, “they are all winners in our hearts”. Yes they are. A huge thanks to all of you and your dogs.