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What happens during your 100-Hour Yamaha Outboard Motor Service?

Here at Cannons Marina, your Yamaha outboard motor service is important to us. Why?
Our goal is simple – Smooth running, reliable Yamaha motors = Happy, Satisfied Customers. We understand your time is limited, especially your free time. We want you on the water on your Grady White, Scout Boat or really any boat –  spending time with family and friends.
The items below are the maintenance and service recommendations developed by the Yamaha Motor Corporation to keep your motor running in top condition. These services are based purely on typical and “average” use of your Yamaha outboard motor. As with any motor, if your use is higher than “normal,” consider servicing your motor more often. Frequent service often pays off through increased life and performance of your Yamaha Outboard Motor.

•    Anode: Check and replace if needed
•    Battery: Check connections, charge and water levels
•    Cables: Check for operation
•    Carburetors: Synchronize and adjust idle and mixture
•    Cylinder Heads: Torque bolts as necessary
•    Electrical System: Check for operation
•    Engine Compression: Performed on older model two-strokes, unless otherwise requested
•    Engine Fittings: Clean and lubricated
•    Engine: Clean and spray with lube
•    Fuel Filters: Replace
•    Fuel Lines: Check for leakage, splitting or rotting
•    Fuel/Water Separator: Replace
•    Gauges: Check for proper operation
•    Hours on Motor. Record on service ticket
•    Ignition Timing: Check and set, if necessary
•    Lower Unit: Inspect and change lubricant
•    Oil: Change oil and replace filter
•    Propeller: Remove, clean and lube shaft
•    Service Indicator/Alarm and reset
•    Spark Plugs: Replace
•    Thermostat: Check for operation. Additional Charge. Change every 200 hrs or two years
•    Water Pump: Replace Impeller. Additional Charge. Changed every 200 hrs or two years
•    Wet Test: All motors are wet-tested (water-tested)
•    Boat: Wash-down after service