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Proactive Tips for Using Ethanol-Enhanced Fuels in your Yamaha Motor

Tips For Using Ethanol In Outboard MotorsHere at Cannons Marina we have said it once before and because it is the boating season, we will say it again –
There are a few Proactive Tips for Using Ethanol-Enhanced Fuels in your Yamaha Outboard Motor.

Most people want to know why ethanol is such an issue?

Simply put, ethanol has hygroscopic solvency properties. That’s a really fancy term for that it both it attracts and absorbs water and loosens debris in your fuel system and over a short time this can negatively effect your engine’s performance and longevity.

To help combat some of the issues, you can follow these simple best practices:

1). Install Yamaha 10-micron water separating fuel filter. It helps remove the water ethanol fuels attract and the debris or corrosion the ethanol may loosen. Change the filter element every 50 hours, and always carry a spare on-board.
The 10-Micron Water Separating fuel filter povides superior filtration ahead of the engine’s onboard filters and injectors. There are large filtering and water capture areas that maximize filtration while maintaining flow rate for necessary for large engines. Also available is a “mini-10” version specifically for outboards 115hp and under in horsepower. It Highly recommended for all two-stroke, four-stroke EFI outboards and two-stroke HPDI’s. Also excellent for carbureted engines. Stainless Steel Assemblies- MAR-SPRTR-HD-SS, Aluminum Assemblies- MAR-SEPAR-AT-OR, and mini-10 Assemblies- MAR-MINIF-LT-AS are available from your local Yamaha dealer.
2). Consistently use Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus in every tankful. Its non-alcohol formula helps prevent phase separation of the water from the fuel and it will help protect fuel system components from the corrosive damage ethanol-based fuels can cause in boats.

Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS

Strongly recommended for E-10 fuels, this alcohol-free formula helps prevent fuel oxidation and phase separation from moist, rich air. When used continuously, it keeps fuel fresh, potent and free from gum and varnish for up to one year of stor­age. Its metal filmers provide extensive protection for steel and aluminum components.

Phase Separation

Steel rods submerged in an oil bath with a high dose of synthetic salts

Treated with Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS

Result: Clean and Rust-Free

Treated with competitor’s enzyme stabilizer

Result: Extreme Rust

Treated with competitor’s fuel stabilizer

Result: Rust

*Fuel Stabilizer Plus test results from Spectrum Corporation.

3). Use Ring Free Plus in every tank, and don’t regularly exceed 87 octane fuel unless specified by the manufacturer. Using fuel above the recommended octane level for your engine can lead to incomplete combustion and contribute to carbon build up. Not only will Ring Free Plus remove carbon, gum, and varnish and help keep your fuel system clean, it protects the fuel system’s internal components for damaging and sometimes power-robbing corrosion.

Ring Free PLUS

Exclusive, synthetic PLUS formula provides superior deposit control, cleaning fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports and combustion chambers. Featuring metal filmers, it also protects silver solder, copper, aluminum and steel in a fuel system from the corrosive effects of ethanol sulfate salt.

4). If possible, buy your gas where they sell a lot of it. It’s fresher that way. Be sure to add the appropriate amount of addi­tives listed above before you fill up, each and every time.
Let us know your thoughts and by all means, enjoy your free time.