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Facebook Sunset Contest Winners at Cannons Marina

1st Place, Steve Schewe | Longboat Key

2nd Place, Lisa Cole | Lido key Tiki Bar

3rd Place, Ron Lutcx | Gulf Coast of Texas

3rd Place, Sue Ellen Eatrides | Glenelg, Scotland

Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of heaven.” Sir John Lubbock

Those of us sourced with choosing a winner of the Cannons Marina 2010 Sunset Photo Contest were fortunate to witness not four but 20 sunsets, all of which were spectacular images filled with vivid color and drama.
How to choose? We loved every one of them and each is a winner in its own right. But we had to make a choice for first, second and third place winners. That said, we decided to add extra prizes so we could have four winners. (Please visit the Cannons Marina Facebook page to view all entries). And now the winners are..
First Place honors went to Steve Schewe of Longboat Key. Congratulations Steve! Steve’s photo was a great beach shot filled to the horizon with colorful red and orange striations and a small wave breaking just off the beach. Steve wins a $50.00 gift certificate from Cannons!
Second Place was taken by Lisa Cole and was shot from the Tiki Bar on Lido Key. Lisa’s is a magnificent shot of storm clouds on the horizon topped with beams of white sunlight crossing the sky on a typical west coast Florida beach complete with sea oats and fellow sunset viewers. For taking Second Place, Lisa wins $25.00 of Fuel from Cannons. Way to go Lisa!
Sue Ellen Eatrides took her Third Place winning photograph in Glenelg, Scotland just across the water from the Isle of Skye. This reflective shot was taken in a beautiful Scottish cove just after the sun set with various local fishing boats seen moored just offshore.
And congratulations to Ron Lutcx for taking the other Third Place photograph of sunset on the Gulf Coast of Texas. With reeds filling the foreground before a stilted fishing shack and the beautiful colors of the sunset forming a “V” between monochromatic clouds, Ron’s shot gives clear reason we all need to cherish and protect our Gulf waters from the ravages of oil drilling just offshore.
Both Sue and Ron will win a Soft sided Cannons Cooler!
To all of the photographers who submitted their favorite sunset shots, thank you for adding a little bit of beauty to our days. We appreciate your perspective, your creativity and the value you place on capturing what we too often take for granted.
Do yourself a favor. Grab the ones you love the most and make a point of watching that big orange ball slowly and colorfully dip below the horizon. It will fill you with grace, awe and appreciation for all that life offers.