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Show Mama Some Love! 3 Beautiful Boating Excursions for Mother's Day

Mommy and baby
The author and her daughter, Olive, on Anna Maria Island

The Easter Bunny has just hopped out of town, but it’s already time to start thinking about the next holiday that is less than two weeks away – Mother’s Day.  Yes, on May 8th it is time to honor the woman who brought you into this world.  Being a Mom myself, I can say it is nice to feel appreciated – not only by the little rug rats whom you work so hard for, but also by your husband – your baby daddy, your life partner or whoever is the one you have entered with into the crazy world of parenting.  So this day gives you the perfect opportunity to show Mama some love!  Here are a few Mother’s Day boating excursion ideas on the beauteous waters of Anna Maria Island, Sarasota and Longboat Key. Put any of these boating trips into action and the lady of the house will actually get to feel like the Queen she is!

1) Take a Trip to Bridge Street and Let Her Eat Crepe!

Dock your boat at the Bradenton Beach City Pier on the north end of Sarasota Bay and enjoy the historic pier and the charming shops and restaurants on Bridge Street. If you haven’t been to the City Pier since it re-opened in 2007, its renovation is worthy of checking out.  There is a covered pavilion at the end of the pier that has an old-fashioned wooden swing – a perfect place for mom to kick back and relax. (Dads, take it upon yourselves to be responsible for the kids so Mom doesn’t have to worry about them falling off the pier.) After enjoying the pier, stroll down Bridge Street and discover the cute cafes and artsy shops. Stop by the Island Creperie for a delicious brunch Mom will love.  At this intimate bistro, Mom can enjoy a Buckwheat Crepe, Hot Brie Salad or a Croque Monsieur with an Egg on top.  Do a little shopping at the The Hive Creations where Mom can pick out a piece of jewelry made by a local artist. If you really want to make her happy, schedule a massage for her at Island Wellness’ Tiki Hut on the beach – the ultimate way to pamper Mom.

2) Spend a Peaceful Morning on Beer Can Island

I am not a morning person, but when I roll out of bed and stumble into the kitchen, nothing makes me happier than my hubby handing me a cup of coffee that he has made exactly how I like it (with a splash of Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer).  There’s something that’s just sweet and wonderfully thoughtful about this, so hubbies – take note!  On Mother’s Day, be sure to have your wife’s favorite breakfast brew percolating before the Queen awakes.  Make some extra coffee to bring along for the trip to Beer Can. It would also be nice to pack a light breakfast for the trip – something simple, like muffins or bagels and some fresh fruit.
I love taking a nice long walk around the northern tip of Longboat Key that locals know as “Beer Can Island.” It’s not really an island, more of a peninsula really, but its shape keeps changing over the years as the sands shift and hurricanes redefine its outline.  Whatever its shape, it’s still beautiful – with craggy skeletons of Australian Pines decorating its beach and fiddler crabs skittering across pockets of water and sand.  On weekends, there are usually many boats that anchor off the Northern most side of the island by noon, so when Mom awakes, give her some coffee and get her in the boat so you can arrive at Beer Can in the morning (and before it gets crowded.) Moms deserve a little bit of quiet, so with coffee in one hand and yours her other, she’ll be blissed out during a peaceful walk around Beer Can paradise.

3) See Beautiful Flowers by Water

Getting mom some roses is nice, but showing her flowers by water is a cool way to do flowers for Mother’s Day. Pack a picnic and go for a slow cruise around the outskirts of Selby Gardens in Sarasota Bay where you can catch some glimpses of their gorgeous blooms.  Another perk? On Mother’s Day, the Venturas will be playing outside at Selby from 1 – 3, so if you time your cruise just perfectly, you’ll also be able serenade Mom with some live music. After cruising around Selby, dock the boat at O’Leary’s restaurant and order mom a margarita!  Go top shelf for this one (since you’ve got a top-shelf Mom).
Remember, when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!