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Buying a Boat? 5 Ways to Buy a Boat Without Sinking During the Process

Have your eye on the boat of your dreams? Make it yours! Don’t let the insane amount of information out there about boats for sale leave you in a state of confusion.
When buying a boat, I’ll tell you how to cut through all the clutter, get all of the relevant information you need and buy a boat.
So…what are you waiting for?
Read on and find out my five tips that will have you boating Florida ASAP and loving life.
1. What Type of Boat Are You Looking For?
There are so many amazing boats out there and they can all be awesome, but you need to decide what is best for you. Consider the following to narrow down your choices: What kind of boat will suit the needs and size of your family? Will you use your boat for fishing or cruising or perhaps you want a boat that has several uses? I found a fun and useful online tool that will help you select your winning boat, so click here to utilize this cool, boat-choosing gadget and then you’ll be on to Step 2.
2. What Can You [Realistically] Afford?
Check out the hidden costs. The costs can vary depending on what boat brand you’re dealing with. When we deal with potential buyers at Cannons, we advise them to look at their budgets and not only consider the costs of the boat but to also add in the following: the cost of the engine (often this is included in a package), the boat insurance, the yearly maintenance, the cost of electronics, and all of those fabulous boating toys (like coolers, umbrellas, wake boards, water skis, fishing poles…you know, all the fun stuff that we do with our boat!) These hidden costs realistically add to how much you are going to put into your boat, so add them in from the start…so you won’t get in over your head.
3. Choose a Good Boat Dealer
Now comes the hardest part of the boat-buying equation: The Boat Dealer. I think that this is very possibly the biggest consideration of all – who will sell and service your boat and motor? This is the gal or guy who you will have a relationship with for the life of your ownership of the boat, so choose wisely.
The boat dealer relationship is huge and in fact it can be pure bliss to pure hell. I *HIGHLY* recommend that you do business with a reputable dealer and not just the sales staff. Before you enter into a relationship with a dealer, check out a few things about the dealer’s credibility:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How is their service rated? Make sure to get some feedback from their customers.
  • Do they provide post-sales service? Is that service over-the-top excellent?
  • Are they on the water or will you need to trailer your boat in?

These are all the things that you need to consider before you buy a boat. When you wisely choose your boat dealer, you will be rewarded year after year. You, your boat and your boat dealer will live happily ever after.
4. Type of Boat and Motor
The next consideration is the type of boat and motor. Now I know this is biased–and there is good reason here–I am a Yamaha Dealer. So the next question you might ask yourself why is she so loyal to the Yamaha brand? It is simple: they are the best. Yamaha motors work! The boat is as only good as the motor pushing it and if the motor does not work, then boating is a miserable experience. That is just the plain truth. I am so sick of hearing people complain about their boat when it is not the boat that is the problem it is their MOTOR. I highly recommend considering this fact and if you can spend the money and get yourself a Yamaha, you will be happy.
5. Check Out the Service Department
The wrenches rule in a dealership. The service department is absolutely the backbone of an excellent boat dealership. Are those guys happy? Happy wrenches = happy customers. Are they certified and back by the manufacture’s warranty?
Does the dealership value the most important people in the business? If not get in your car and head out to the next dealer…or better yet, drop me a line! I am happy to help!
We heart our service department and you’ll see why.