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An Ode to Sirius – Man and Marina's Best Friend

Sirius, Cannons Marina's best friendHe was a good dog. No, he was an awesome best friend and he was loyal to the end.
We humans have a lot to learn from our animals.
Our dog Sirius passed quietly this week in his home and in the comfort of his bed surround by his closest family members.  We thought we should dedicate a blog post to him and his entire honor – we just had to.
Sirius was the greatest dog ever. They make movies about his kind. I know that all dogs are special, but this dog was exceptional, just ask anyone here at the marina.
He was loyal, sweet, always looking for food and game 24-7. He was obsessed with tennis balls and treats. He loved to swim, boat, and even dive (well, sort of, he would fetch things under water).
He had no fear and he had no enemy. Can any human say that? I mean, really? Dogs are so special.
We are all broken hearted.
Sirius taught us kindness in the face of aggravation. I mean, having five kids pile up on you cannot be easy – even if you are a Golden Retriever. Sirius took the attention from every stranger with respect and grace.
We miss Sirius. We will miss his warm greetings and outright barking demands for dog bones. We will even miss his snoring. Towards the end, Sirius endured the old age pains with courage and quietness. If a dog can be Zen then Sirius was poster dog for all things Zen.
An ode to you, Sirius. Goodbye, our dear friend. We hope that we served you half as well as you served us.