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Another Drink Sailor? You Might Want To Read About Operation Dry Water: Boat Safety & Boating Under The Influence

When is comes to boat safety some conversations are sticky and this one is, but it just had to be said: Boating under the influence is not safe and it is just illegal.
As you head out for another exciting day on the water check out this important alert from the US Coast Guard’s Operation Dry Water (ODW) and Boating Under the Influence (BUI).
Last week the State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) contacted us and asked for help to spread the word about the dangers of drinking and boating.
We are sharing the word to be aware of the new accelerated BUI enforcement program which kicks off  June 24th weekend and continues through the July 4th. This holiday weekend is known for the most recreational boating fatalities of the year.
Making our waterways safer for all boaters is a message we are happy to share.
By June 24th, 5,000 marine law enforcement officers will be on the water nationwide looking for boaters who are under the influence while boating. Many on-land law enforcement officers will also be joining the effort, since drunken boaters too often become drunk or under the influence drivers.  For the first time, a standardized Seated Sobriety Test is being rolled out nationwide. The new test, gives officers greater confidence in making arrest decisions based on their observations and provides courtroom credibility to an officer’s evaluation of impairment.
Let’s make this a memorable summer of boating fun.  Before you indulge in your favorite adult beverage, please consider the consequences and boat responsibly – boating and drinking just don’t mix.
For more information you can visit the Operation Dry Water web site at: