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World's Best Fish Chum Recipe: The Legendary Captain Scott Moore Shares How To Catch Bait for Tarpon, Snook and Redfish

We have a fishing secret and we are willing to share it. Why? Because we get a ton of requests on how to catch bait for tarpon, snook, redfish or any in-shore game fish and the truth is, what will bring in the bait? It’s all about the fish chum.
So we called Captain Scott Moore, a man who is famous for fishing–and catching–in the Tampa Bay waters and even more famous for his ability to successfully bring in the bait that catches those alluring fish. He was so open and awesome about sharing some of his trade secrets with us. Scott has a lot of knowledge and he is always willing to share. We love that and we love him too.

Want To Catch More Tarpon, Snook or Redfish?

The magic is in the bait and catching the bait is all about the chum. The bait we are talking about are pilchards or also known as the saltwater sardine. These fish are small and usually swim in large schools near the surface of the water. When looking for pilchards, check out the passes and look for birds and pelicans diving into the water. This is a HUGE hint. Sometimes you get lucky and you can idle to the bait but if not, get up tide and start chumming! You will see the fish come closer to the top to feed and when the time is right – cast on the bait! Pilchards need a livewell to survive. These fish are sensitive and will not survive a traditional bait bucket for long. So be prepared with to put your catch in a working livewell.
Scott’s recipe for chum is super simple and it works. Scott has been fishing these waters for fifty years, so he knows all the secrets. He swears by this recipe! Here is what you need.
1. 2 cans of Jack Mackrel
2. 1 Cup of Purina Fish Food Starter or A Tad More
3. 1 Drop Anise Oil (for real this gets the fishes attention)
4. Use a tad of salt water to moisten the mixture to form a paste like consistency.
5. Cast net
6. Ready your cast net and toss your chum (up tide, of course.)
Many thanks to our friend and customer Scott Moore. Thank you for sharing your secrets! You can check out his Fishing Charter web site here:  Moore Fishing
Happy Fishing! And  if you like this then by all means share it!