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Cannons Gets Grady-White's Admiral's Circle Award…Again!

We hate to sound a little cocky, but can you blame us? We just aren’t the type of people who can sit silently when we receive an awesome award — we want to tell everyone about it! In fact, we are so psyched about receiving Grady-White’s Admiral’s Circle Award, we want to scream “Yay us!” at the top of our lungs! OK, so we’ll settle down now and we’ll calmly tell you why this award is so darn cool and why it is one of the biggest honors in the boating industry.
1) Grady-White is a prestigious brand of boats. They are top in performance, safety and customer satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want to be honored by such a renowned company?
2) It’s all about you! Part of the reason we were given this honor is because of our high achievement in customer satisfaction. We were given the highest ratings in actual customer surveys from Grady-White owners. So we have to say “thank you” to YOU, yes, YOU! And we also appreciate that you took the extra time to fill out those surveys. Thank you!
3) Lucky #13! This is the 13th year in a row that Grady-White has given us this honor, so it is nice for someone to tell us that we’re doing something right.
It feels great to receive the Grady-White Admiral’s Circle Award for 2011!
We hope you don’t mind us giving ourselves a little pat on the back. Self-love is a good thing, right?