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Florida Boat Dealer Receives Grady-White's "Admiral's Circle" Award 13 Years in a Row!

LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA – Cannons Marina does it again! Continuing their tradition of excellence, Cannons Marina receives an award that is considered one of the most coveted in the boating industry – the 2011 Admiral’s Circle Award from Grady-White Boats. This award is only giving to the most elite boat dealers who provide outstanding customer service and a high achievement in sales.
This is not the first time that Cannons has received this distinguished accolade; it is the 13th consecutive year they been honored by the highly regarded boat manufacturer Grady-White. David Miller, owner of Cannons Marina, jokes about receiving the Grady-White award for the 13th time.  “Who says 13 is an unlucky number?” He laughs and continues. “This is such an honor!  By receiving this award, we know that we’re keeping our customers happy and that is the most important thing to us and the best compliment of all.” Another high compliment is the fact that this award comes from Grady-White Boats. “We think Grady-White is one of the top boat brands out there,” says David. “We love selling these boats and because they are such a high-quality product, it makes our job easy.”
Grady-White is equally pleased with Cannons Marina and considers Cannons one of their top dealerships. “As a new sales year begins, we want to recognize the very best performing Grady-White dealerships during the past 2011 model year,” stated Joey Weller, Grady-White’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The outstanding sales efforts of Cannons Marina and their exemplary level of customer satisfaction helped achieve success for all of us.”
Admiral’s Circle membership is reserved for those top dealerships in the Grady-White network that have achieved over $1 million in retail sales for the model year, plus also have earned Grady-White’s Service Excellence award with customer satisfaction index scores exceeding 9.25 on a 10-point scale as rated in actual customer surveys.
“Cannons Marina recognizes the importance of strong customer relationships and real long term value. It is quite an achievement to perform at this high level. The superior product knowledge, customer skills and service excellence of Cannons Marina, plus Grady-White’s heritage of versatility, ease of use, comfort, safety and convenience, deliver the ultimate boating experience enjoyed uniquely by Grady-White customers,” said Weller.
David Miller hopes that more Admiral’s Circle Awards are still in store for Cannons.  “We look forward to continuing our exceptional relationship with our customers and Grady-White Boats. I hope that we’ll continue to stay in the Admiral’s Circle for years to come.”
Cannons Marina is a boat dealership located at 6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida. We serve the Bradenton, Sarasota and Tampa Bay area and specialize in new and used boat sales, rental boats and Yamaha motors. In addition to the Grady-White Admiral’s Circle Award, other awards won by Cannons include Scout Boats’ Top Customer Service (CSI) Dealer of the Year, Yamaha’s Outboard Motors’ Five-Star Certified Service Dealer and Boating Industry magazine “Top 100 Boat Dealers.”