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Customer Spotlight: Reid Murphy

Aspen - Reid Murphy's standard poodle in Sarasota Bay
Aspen, Reid Marphy’s Standard Poodle

Tell us a little about yourself.
I live on North Longboat, just down the street from Cannons. I’ve been out here for 25 years, give or take. I sell high end real estate.
Did you grow up in the Sarasota area?
No, I grew up in North Carolina, mostly in the Raleigh-Durham area. I was a tennis professional for a long time, so that’s what brought me to Sarasota.
Did you grow up boating?
Not at all, I’ve always like boats but I had never owned one. I lived on Longboat for a long time but in 2000 we moved to a house on the water and if you live on the water, you have to own a boat!
What kind of boat do you have and when did you buy it?
My first boat was a 15-foot boat rubber raft with a great Yamaha 50 hp on the back. I went to the scout 21-foot boat with a Yamaha 150 hp on the back from Cannons. I absolutely love the boat. I put 400 hours on it in a short amount. I just got a new Scout last summer; a 24 1/2-foot with a 300 Yamaha on the back.
What do you like about your boat?
Everything! Scouts have a smooth ride, they are fun boats, great fishing boats, easy to run–they go anywhere! They don’t take long to clean, where other boats takes forever to clean!
What’s a typical day for you like out on the water?
I usually go out and I sink or run aground and have to be towed home. No, a typical day would be scooting out to watch sunset or out go out cruising or fishing or go out to watch the dolphins and manatees and wave at the towboats going by.
Do you like to fish?
Do not ask me if I catch! I fish for whatever bites, it’s just fun to be out there.
Where are some of your favorite local boating destinations?
Egmont Key, to the fort, scooting down to Casey key or the Cortez Fish Market.
What is the coolest wildlife spotting you’ve seen from your boat?
You see everything! You see dolphin shows, manatees, occasionally you see sea turtles. Watching the birds is just great. The white pelicans that are here right now are just incredible.
What is your dream boating destination?
I’d love to go boating in Alaska! I don’t know if I can make it there. The way I run aground, I am worried about in the freezing cold water. I’d like to go up and down the west coast, to Sanibel and Captiva. I really love the Sarasota waters.
What are you favorite restaurants to eat by boat?
Salty Dog and Mar Vista
What are you favorite snacks or drinks to bring on the boat?
Beer! Gatorade, water and beer!
Do you have a dog that you take boating?
Yes, I have a big white, standard poodle named Aspen. I absolutely bring her on the boat, almost every day!
When you go out on the boat, what are the items you always have to bring with you?
My dog, Aspen, cold drinks and you always have your safety equipment.