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5 Reasons We Love Florida during the Holiday Season

A white, sandy beach isn’t usually what you see on a holiday card, but to us, Florida is the winter wonderland! Come on, it’s 80 degree outside – the best December weather ever!
Who doesn’t prefer bathing suits to winter coats? And Tampa Bay fishing versus ice fishing? Well, the answer is pretty obvious – Florida rules.
Here are a few things we love about living in paradise during this time of the year. Happy holidays!

White Pelicans

Some people like to see snowflakes in the air but we like to see white pelicans! OK, they are a lot larger than a snow flake, but just as festive! And they only come to our area during the holiday season. If you haven’t seen these large beauties, make a point to search them out while they’re currently migrating in our area.

Building a Sand Man

Who needs snow when you can play in the sand? And building a “sand man” doesn’t freeze your hands like building a snow man does.

Boat Parades

Houses decorated with Christmas lights are cool, but boats lit up and gliding across the water — magical.

No Dieting Necessary

We already look 10 pounds lighter because we’re not wrapped up in layers…and layers…and layers of clothing. So eat up all those Christmas cookies!

Who Needs a Sleigh?

In Florida, Santa rides a boat!
Peace, love and boat!
-Cannons Marina