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Gnarly Update: The (Pooper) Scoop on Cannons' New Marina Dog

cannons marina dog - gnarly Have you met Gnarly yet?  If you are wondering who–or what–is Gnarly, than you better get on down to our marina and meet this loveable white (kinda-fluffy) dog who will absolutely steal your heart in about two seconds.  He’s our new(ish) marina dog. Warning: You better get ready to be “Gnarlified.”
We introduced him a few months ago when he was a cute little handful who weighed about 10 pounds. Now, he’s a cute, HUGE handful that is seven months old and weighs 55 pounds. OK, he’s waaay more than a handful. Yes, I will repeat his age and weight again so you can absorb it; he’s seven months old and weighs 55 pounds. What really matters is that he’s 55 pounds of pure “Doodle.” He just loves, loves, love you and licks, licks, licks you ’til he can’t lick any more! Seriously, since his furry little paws have stepped into my house, this guy has absolutely stolen my heart. [See photo.] I mean, who can resist?
Of course, we’ve had all of the normal “puppy” issues that every dog owner knows about.  Yes, we wake up in the middle of the night to take him “potty.”  And he is overwhelmed with joy when he meets someone new. Sure, we have been dealing with typical puppy things but luckily, we’ve found an awesome trainer who has changed my idea of  what “doggie training” is.  Turns out, it’s ME who she is training. I am learning to be “firm, fair and consistent.”  But how can I help giving in to this sweet, adorable pooch? I’m trying…but it’s difficult! Who could resist his ridiculous cuteness?
Gnarly is very athletic.  He does a couple of “parlor” tricks that I think are adorable. David isn’t sure of why we should teach him this cuteness, but I do it anyway.  When we’re at the house, I throw a ball and he jumps over the table and the arm of the couch to catch it!  David thinks the tricks are silly but I think when you have a dog, it’s not just about making them follow the rules, you have to have a little bit of fun too.
Gnarly is at the marina most days of the week, so stop by to say “hi” to this double dose of “Doodle” that is just a bundle of pure delight.  He’s nuts about everyone he meets. He’s super-friendly and huggable – as all marina dogs should be, right? Come on in and get your little bit of Gnarly-lovin’.  You’ll be glad you did!