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Like it Hot and Spicy? Sweat it Out this Summer with Some Fiery Florida Fare!

Shrimp Taj MahalMany things about this summer are HOT! The weather, your beach read (50 Shades, anyone?) and how about some spicy food? With the summer storms easing off this week, the mercury on the thermometer keeps on rising! We’re up into the 90’s, which is fairly mild compared to the heat wave that’s attacking other areas of the country. It sure is hot, but we Floridians kind of like it that way. It’s not really a stifling heat when you can enjoy the Gulf’s breeze and better yet, take a dip. We’ve got one more way to cool you down. Continue keeping it hot and spicy in the culinary department.
People from the hottest climates usually eat some of the spiciest cuisine (like in the Caribbean, India and Mexico). People in places close to the equator like their peppers. Why? It could be because of the delicious flavor but also, when you eat something that’s ultra spicy, it makes you sweat which helps cool you down. So, here’s our solution to help you beat the heat: Give your fresh Florida seafood a kick!
We asked Chef Ray from Euphemia Haye for one of his spicy recipes. Here’s how to make his Shrimp Taj Mahal dish that uses some zingy Curry Sauce. If you like it really spicy, just add more curry! We say, turn up the heat!


(Curried Shrimp with Tomato and Lemon)


• 36 Large Shrimp, peeled & deveined
• 1 Tbsp Turmeric
• 1 Tbsp Fish Base, (or substitute salt)
• 2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
• 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
• 2 Tbsp Clarified Butter
• 9 Scallions, sliced on diag. in 1” pieces
• 1 Recipe Curry Sauce
• 6 Tbsp Soft Butter


Season the shrimp with the turmeric and fish base. Marinate shrimp in fresh lemon juice, no longer than 2 minutes or shrimp will toughen.
Heat the olive oil and clarified butter in a large skillet until smoking. Drain the shrimp and place them in the smoking oils. Be careful, as the oil will sputter! Add the sliced scallions and shake the pan, tossing the ingredients evenly. Add the curry sauce and toss again. Reduce liquid by 1/3 and add soft butter. Toss all ingredients until sauce coats everything evenly.
The whole shrimp cooking process should take no longer than 4 minutes, or the shrimp will overcook.
Serve over Couscous or Rice.