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Boating Gifts for Father's Day and Best Fishing Sunglasses

Hat selection at Cannons' Ship Store - Great gifts for Dad!
Hat selection at Cannons’ Ship Store – Great gifts for Dad!

It’s almost Father’s Day and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get Dad.  Or if you are a dad, it’s your chance to rake in the gifts!  Moms love spa days and flowers, but Dads?  Well, I think that a day out on the water would please any Dad.  If you end the day with a great steak, you will have the happiest Dad in the whole world.  Am I right?
Even if you give Dad a great day, you still need to include something for him to unwrap, so the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift is on.  Since it’s the beginning of summer and time to get out on the water, I usually gravitate towards boating, fishing and “beachy” gift items. Maybe a swim shirt or a bathing suit?  My husband loves a new visor (and Cannons’ Ship Store has a slew of new hats in every color, so check those out). Of course, if the Dad you’re gifting doesn’t have a boat, well, a nice boat rental is always appreciated.  What could be more fun than a day of fishing and relaxing on the boat with good ‘ol Dad.  And what could be sweeter than Dad going fishing with his kids? Am I right?
kenny chesney sunglasses
Kenny Chesney Sunglass Kit by Costa Del Mar

This year, I was thinking about getting “the hubs” a pair of new sunglasses.  He prefers the cheap-o’s because he usually loses them or sits on them but, I think his fishing game will be much improved if he has a really good pair of polarized sunglasses.  Am I right?
I have heard good things about Costa Del Mar and they seem to be the preferred brand around here, but with so many lens colors and type (glass or plastic), not to mention styles. I have no clue which pair to buy for him.  I’m also wondering if they are the best fishing sunglasses out there. When I went to the Costa web site, they are really pushing their new Kenny Chesney line…that worries me a little.  His beach-country songs are cool, but he is now the authority on good sunglasses? His Costa kit that comes with a bottle opener. So, there ya go. What about Maui Jim or Oakleys?
So, I ask you, what is the best pair of fishing sunglasses out there?  Or what type of lens gives you the best viewing of the fish?  Is there a better lens for inshore or offshore fishing?  Let me know what you have found to be the best sunglasses for fishing!  And no Kenny Chesneys’ please…