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2013 Scalloping Season in Crystal River and Homosassa

scalloping in crystal riverSummer is always a great time to be out on the water in Florida – the best way to beat the heat and a have fun while doing it.  This year, while you’re cooling down with a swim, why not search for scallops too?  Kids love it because they feel like they’re going on a treasure hunt.  Even better, by the end of the day, you can eat your treasure!  “The hunt” is truly fun for the whole family! This year, Florida’s scalloping season lasts until September 24th, so there are plenty hot days to get out there and do some scalloping!
Recreational scalloping is only allowed in certain areas, but whether you choose Crystal River, Homosassa or Steinhatchee, you will have a GREAT time.  Last year, Tropical Storm seemed to wipe out a lot of the scallops in the Steinhatchee area, but this season, people have been reaching their limit in a few hours, so the scalloping seems to be good!
Before you go scalloping, make sure you have your saltwater Florida fishing license and all of your gear – gloves, bag, bucket, dive flag, mask and snorkel. The best way to find a “good spot” is to look for where all the boats are lined up.  Then, start searching through the seagrass. After you’ve made your catch and shucked your scallops, what do you do with them?  Bay scallops are small, so you can’t grill them like diver’s scallops, but you can sauté them with a little butter and white wine for a simple and delicious treat!  Happy scalloping!