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Rainy Day Activities for Kids on Anna Maria Island

rainy day on anna maria islandTaking the kids out on the boat is always fun, but what happens when it’s rainy outside and you can’t enjoy the beautiful beaches and water that we have here in Florida? Even though we’re called “The Sunshine State,” we do still have damp days when it’s just too soggy to brave the beach. And who could forget about hurricane days? So, what do you do with the kids on a rainy day? Well, keeping them entertained is top priority. Sure, sticking them in front of the TV is sometimes necessary but we have a few other awesome options for things to do on a rainy day in Anna Maria Island.

1) Shell Art!

Shell Art!

Kids love finding shells but what do you do with them after you’ve collected them? Most people stuff them in a Ziplock baggie and are eventually left behind or sadly, tossed in a garbage can. My daughter and nephews have created some fantastic shell art with some of the shells, rocks and pinecones we collected on Anna Maria Island. We’ve created some pretty cool necklaces, photo frames and shell creatures all with items found on the beach. Kids seem to really get into this – once they get started, they can’t stop! If you didn’t bring arts-and-craft supplies, paint and glue can be bought at Publix.

2) Visit Mote Marine and Salty Dog

Any day it rains, we can typically be found at Mote Marine. Mote Marine is kind of like the beach’s rainy day alter-ego. You’ve got water and sea animals, you’re just under cover! We love hunting for Shark’s teeth, petting the Sting Rays and of course, the Touch Tank where you can touch Sea Urchins and Florida Fighting Conchs. After your brain has filled up on sea animal trivia, head over to Salty Dog to fill up your belly on some Salty Dog Pups (mini corn dogs – yum!) Salty Dog is open air but mostly under cover. It’s pretty nice on a rainy day – you can feel the cool breeze and watch the choppy water. Plus, no better way to pass the time than with eating and drinking!

3) Anna Maria Island Library and Duffy’s Tavern

We love the island branch of the Manatee County Library system. It’s small and cute and the children’s section is precious. It’s perfect for little kids with large stuffed animals that they can play on and chunky puzzles perfect for little fingers. Of course, the books are great too! Sit and read a few, then head across the street to Duffy’s Tavern (which is totally kid appropriate!) for one of their famous burgers.


When all else fails, you can always count on this awesome web site to satisfy your tots with their inventive games!  This web magazine provides busy parents with creative adventures so you’ve got a happy, entertained family.  Created by the founder of another of our faves, Social Media Examiner, My Kid’s Adventures posts daily activities that will definitely prevent boredom.  Check out their site, or “like” them on Facebook and you’ll get daily inspiration of all kids of fun stuff – like “How to Make Slime” and “Glow in the Dark Bowling in Your Home” and “7 Ways to Make A Museum Visit Fun for Your Kids.”  Read up on that last one and take your kids to Ringling Museum on a rainy day and Mom, Dad and the kids will all be happy and NOT bored!  Yay!  We now love rainy days!