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Stocking Stuffers for the Fisherman in Your Life

Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday’s past, and the ridiculous traffic and crowds are not something anyone wants to deal with, but still, the Christmas season is nearly upon us. Anglers and outdoorsmen all look for some really simple things for stuffing stockings. Here are a few new things that are sure to please any angler, camper, boater, or hunter this holiday season.
The age old question of what to buy outdoorsmen, anglers, and boaters is always one that seems to baffle us when we’re under the shopping gun, but here are some new things that simply work, are a joy to have, and will be welcomed by all who enjoy the woods and water.

FireStartersFire Starters

In Florida, we fish and can go camping year round and spend as much time out of doors as we can, because the weather allows it. This is a great time of year to go camping, for a backyard cookout, or for a shore lunch. It’s a little cooler and somehow things cooked outside seem to taste better. I don’t know many folks who don’t like to cook out on the grill, and cooking with either charcoal or wood, while they may be the old fashioned way, are still tops on the flavor list for chicken, ribs, burgers, steaks, fish, fowl, venison, or some fresh pork. It’s all good.
Getting the grill started or the campfire lit can sometimes be a challenge, but with a new product from Grate Chef called Fire Starters.  With this product, the hassle of wet wood at the camp site, or for slow-starting charcoal is all but eliminated. Not only do Fire Starters light when wet, they’re environmentally safe, more efficient than wood logs, work in fireplaces, campfires, or charcoal grills and eliminate the foul taste and smell that are associated with traditional lighter fluids.

Flare Down

Flare Down 1Many of the better cuts of meat can be marbled with fat. While fat means flavor, it can also pose a cooking issue. Hot grills and grease dripping down on the coals can create a flare-up, producing charred meat. Until now, a squirt bottle full of water next to the grill was your only option for having some control over these situations. But water on grease fires can be dangerous. Grate Chef produces a fabulous new product called Flare Down. Flare Down safely puts out flare-ups while you keep grilling. Flare Down is the only product on the market that can stop a grease flare up and keep food from burning without toxic chemicals or ruining the flavor of the food. For use on any grill, gas or charcoal, Flare Down is completely non-toxic, does not leave any taste or odor on the food, is FDA-approved and made in the USA. You can see Flare Down in action at (Preview) .


Black-and-Decker-SnakeLightWhether you’re camping out, fixing a flat in the dark, or getting an early start on the water, leaving in the wee hours of the morning and trying to tie a lure on the line, it’s always helpful when you can see what you’re doing. For over a century, Black and Decker has produced portable power tools and appliances for home and field use. When the SnakeLight Flashlight was first produced years ago, it was an innovative design for a flashlight that could be used hands free with its bendable body that could wrap around objects and hold. For 2014, B&D has refined the design of the SnakeLight utilizing lightweight rechargeable lithium batteries that can store up to 18-months and run for 5 hours with long-lasting L.E.D. lights for an extremely bright, lightweight go-anywhere flashlight that’s perfect for any time when two hands are better than one with the new Black and Decker Rechargeable Lithium SnakeLight Flashlight.


MirrOlure Lil John XLHit the water running with some new lures in your tackle box. From MirrOlure, an extension of their successful soft bait line now has a larger MirrOlure Lil’ John XL. At 4.25-inches with a little more bulk in diameter, the new XL model has proven itself on snook, trout, redfish, flounder and more. Also from MirrOlure in their Paul Brown lineup is the new Soft Dine. This new soft bait is kind of a hybrid soft/hard lure that resembles MirrOlure’s highly successful MirrOdine.
Paul Brown's Soft-DineA revolutionary new lure from Mark Nichols of DOA Lure fame is the new CAL Airhead. This new soft lure is a flapping, wiggling mass of fish-catching plastic that can be rigged numerous ways to work as a top water lure when unweighted for massive surface explosions, as a buzz bait on the surface, rigged weedless to skim across lily pads for monster bass, or on a weighted worm hook to work subsurface. Any way you rig it, it’s bound to put a holiday smile on your face and fish in your cooler.
Have a great holiday and until then, I’ll catch ya later!