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New Year, New Tuna Recipe!

tuna tartarHappy New Year!  In honor of lightening up for the new year, we have a delicious recipe for you that doesn’t even require cooking.  This simple, no-cook Tuna recipe will give you the extra time you need to get out there and exercise…the paddle board is waiting for you, right?
Enjoying our fresh Florida seafood is always a lean and delicious way to eat right.  So, here’s to you this New Year.  We wish you happiness, health, good eating and good boating!

Tuna Tartare with a Kick

– 8 oz. Fresh Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna, chopped into very small cubes
– 1 Avocado (ripe & soft), diced
– Handful of fresh Cilantro (approx. 1 – 2 Tbsp)
– 1 medium Shallot, diced
– Teriyaki Sauce (the thicker kind), 2-3 Tbsp
– Wasabi Paste, approx. 3 inches from a tube
– Canola or Peanut Oil, 1 Tbsp
– Black Sesame Seeds (or toasted white Sesame Seeds), 1 Tbsp
Make it:
Chop the Shallot into small pieces and fry in the Oil until crispy but not burnt. Set aside on paper-towel to drain the oil. Combine the following in a bowl:
-Black Sesame Seeds (or toasted white sesame Seeds)
Gently fold the above ingredients together then add about 2-3 T of the thick Teriyaki Sauce and Wasabi Paste to taste (we like to use about 3’’ from a tube, which gives it a nice kick). Gently mix together.
Top with Fried Shallot pieces and enjoy!