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Employee Spotlight: Scott Howell

Scott Howell with one of his aluminum fish sculptures
Scott Howell holding one of his aluminum fish sculptures

At Cannons Marina, we like to blog about some of our employees so you can get to know the GREAT people who work here and how talented the people are who work on your boats. Today, we are introducing you to Scott Howell, a Rigger and Parts Technician. Scott is not only awesome at his job; he is also an awesome artist and fishing captain. This guy LIVES boating!
Tell us about your job here at Cannons. What is your position?
I’m a rigger and a parts technician, I do marine electronics, water heaters, air conditioning and general trouble shooting – just about everything, except engine work.
How have your first few months at Cannons been?
I’ve been here for about four months now, and it has been awesome! It’s a very nice place to work and the people are very nice. I left Yellowfin Yachts to work here at Cannons.
Did you grow up in the Bradenton/Sarasota area?
No, I grew up in Eerie, Pennsylvania. I have been boating most of my life. We grew up on a Lake Eerie. I was always around water – on a lake or a stream or river. I moved to Florida when I was 19.
Did you do a lot of boating growing up?
We didn’t have a boat but we would do a lot of canoeing and pier fishing. I loved to go trout fishing in some of the creeks and streams.
What’s your favorite thing to do out on the water?
Fish! When I moved here, I missed my fishing and hunting in Pennsylvania. The hunting here is not that great so I channeled my energy toward fishing. I had a friend teach me how to Snook fish when I was 22 and I was hooked! Now, inshore is my specialty.  I have filmed a few TV shows on fishing the flats and have won a few of the local fishing tournaments. I also have my captain’s license, as does my wife, and we started our own fishing charter business called Left Coast Fishing Charters.
What are you currently fishing for?
Right now, I’ve been offshore fishing for Red Grouper and Snapper. They have been off the charts!
Tell us about your hobby.
I make metal fish sculptures. Before I was in the marine industry, I owned an aluminum business – Elite Aluminum. One night, my friend and I said, let’s try to make something! So we made an aluminum tarpon and it turned out awesome. It’s actually hanging here at Cannons. I’m just getting back into it again and I am planning on making a redfish out of copper. The sculptures are very detailed.
What has been your most exciting fishing moment?
My best moment was when we won the Desoto Fishing Tournament. I had tried for seven years and finally won! We had some really big fish; a 41” and 42” Snook, and 33” Redfish. Those are big fish!
What do you like to bring on the boat with you?
My wife! I like to bring her with me on the boat. My wife loves to fish as much as I do. She’s my good luck charm.
Do you have any favorite local boating destinations?
We like to go to Egmont but we don’t sandbar-hop much. We go out with a specific species in mind and FISH!
If you would like to reach Scott Howell to inquire about ordering one of his fish sculptures, you can contact him at 941-447-8618.