4 Ways to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

With hurricane season in full-force, it is important that we know what to do to prepare our boat when there is an impending hurricane (Hello, Irma!). Here are a few tips that will keep you and your boat in tip-top shape during a major incoming storm. 

1. The Obvious 

Take off anything that’s removable – biminis, cushions, etc. – anything that could fly in heavy winds.  Strip it!

2. Boats Stored on Land

If your boat is stored at home on a trailer, let the air out of your trailer’s tires.  Put your boat and trailer close to your house and tie trailer to house or ground. The higher the ground, the better.  As they say, “high and dry!”

3. Boat Stored in Water 

If your boat is at a marina, add extra lines to tie down and make sure your lines are long enough to account for higher water level.  Best type of dock during a hurricane is said to be a floating dock with tall pilings. Check the age of your dock and the dock’s storm history.  The newer the dock, the better the chance it has to withstand the storm.

4. Have a Plan! 

The best advice for your boat to survive the storm is to do your research and have a plan!  Make plans before a hurricane warning is issued. If your boat is at a marina or dock, look at your contract to see if there is some hurricane provisions that you are already committed to (you may be required to remove your boat). Ask your marina manager what type of hurricane plan they have in place. If you have a boat at home and you are in flood zone, get it to higher ground before the storm hits.  
Stay safe!