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Grady-White 336 Canyon – 2019

Grady-White + Cannons Marina: A Match Made in Marine Heaven

Grady-White Boats has built its 64-year reputation on integrity, performance, and exceptional attention to detail—principles we share at Cannons. Grady-White’s dedication to serving, satisfying, and inspiring customers is part of our own tradition of customer service.

Grady-White designs and manufactures the best boats for sale on the market today. Some of the stand-out reasons include company heritage, innovative design, exceptional attention to detail, and award-winning performance. Add to that the highest level of customer satisfaction in the boating industry and you’ll love living the Grady Life.

And yes: buying a Grady-White is an investment—but one that pays off in sun-drenched Sundays with friends, fishing trips and long-weekend excursions.  Here are just a few of the reasons to buy a Grady—whether you’re a new customer or a forever fan.

State-of-the-art engineering

Grady-White’s patented SeaV2 hull features a continuously variable vee, which sharpens as it moves from transom to bow. At the stern, the angle of the deadrise (between the hull and the horizontal plane) is under 20 degrees, sharpening to around 30 degrees amidships. At the bow, the angle between the hull and the horizontal surface of the water is more than 50 degrees, a deeply pronounced vee that creates a sharp point of entry for the boat, cutting through the waves with ease while providing ample depth for stability.

Obsessive attention to detail

Every Grady-White boat is made by hand, with woven fiberglass forming the hulls and the deck.  Grady White’s center consoles are more beamy than any other brand out there, adding interior space that accommodates more features while remaining highly functional.

Incredible safety and security

Grady-White boats are unsinkable, thanks to their foam-filled construction and self-bailing cockpit. All Gradys have basic foam flotation, and boats smaller than 20 feet have level flotation.

Excellent resale value

Many Cannons customers choose to keep their Gradys forever. However, if you decide you want to trade in or trade up, you’re guaranteed excellent resale value thanks to all the points outlined above—superior construction, top-of-the-line details and excellent safety.

Grady-White’s dedication to serving, satisfying, and inspiring customers is part of our own tradition of customer service. In fact, Cannons Marina has been named to the Grady-White Boats Admiral’s Circle for more than two decades consecutive years, in recognition of top sales and impeccable customer service. We know firsthand that Grady-White is more than a boat; it’s an experience. Come feel the Grady-White difference for yourself.