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Grady-White Canyon 456, 45′ Center Console

The Science Behind Grady-White’s SeaV2 Hull

There are a lot of factors that go into Grady-White’s consistently world-class boats—everything from heritage and experience to a company culture of integrity and innovation.

The outstanding reputation of Grady-White boats, especially their famously smooth ride, is owed to the patented SeaV2 hull design, which provides a distinct combination of a soft ride with sharp, dependable maneuverability, all while maintaining fuel efficiency. Here’s a brief breakdown of how the SeaV2 hull works.

The SeaV2 features a continuously variable vee, which sharpens as it moves from transom to bow. At the stern, the angle of the deadrise (between the hull and the horizontal plane) is under 20 degrees, sharpening to around 30 degrees amidships. At the bow, the angle between the hull and the horizontal surface of the water is more than 50 degrees, a deeply pronounced vee that creates a sharp point of entry for the boat, cutting through the waves with ease while providing ample depth for stability.

And as the water moves from bow to stern, the boat first cuts cleanly into the water via that sharp vee, but then the lessening percentage of the deadrise creates buoyancy that helps the back half of the boat glide with less resistance. Hence the maximized fuel-efficiency of this design.

Additionally, the combination of flat strakes and sharp chines add to the Grady-White hull’s lift and stability—but that’s not all. The hull’s design acts as a deflector to knock the spray down. Rather than a single line of wake from the deep vee, the SeaV2 produces three distinct wakes, as the chines along the flat hull cut pronouncedly into the water while deflecting spray. So on top of everything else, the SeaV2 provides a famously dry ride.

And all of these elements work from a variety of angles, too, allowing the boat not only to cut through straight-ahead cruising but also to handle like it’s on rails through turns in a variety of conditions. As a North Carolina-based company, Grady-White is able to test its designs in famously rough and ornery waters.

The result? A unique hull that handles extraordinarily well. Start your adventure today.