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Grady-White Canyon 336, 33′ Center Console

Grady-White Canyon 336

Canyon 336

33′ Center Console

The Grady White, 336 Canyon – 33-foot center console has a super-smooth ride. It is roomy to say the least and has tons of storage, a marine head, a shower and many other standard amenities. This boat is truly gorgeous with it’s super clean lines and Grady’s attention to detail makes it in a class of it’s own. Check it at Cannons Marina today.


Grady-White Canyon 336, 33′ Center Console
Beam Amidships 11'7" (3.53 m)
Center Line Length w/o Engine 33'6" (10.21 m)
Bridge Clearance 9'2" (2.79 m)
Cockpit Depth 29" (0.74 m)
Hull Draft 25" (0.64 m)
Transom Deadrise 20 degrees (SeaV2® progression)
Maximum HP 900 (671 kW)
Fuel Capacity - Standard 333 gal (1,260 l)
Weight w/o Engine 9,200 lb (4,173 kg)

Performance Data


Available Colors


Classic Grady White (gelcoat)


Celestial Blue
Coastal Fog Blue
Sea Glass
Seaport Blue
Cape Gray
Harbor Blue


336 on the water

336 walkthrough

The Grady-White Canyon 336


Canyon 336

Great boat

This is my fifth Grady white and they’ve all been great boats. The 33 Canyon is a great fishing boat very comfortable. The only thing I would change is the fuel Phil is on the opposite Side from the door and that’s the only negative remark I can make

January 27, 2020 -

Canyon 336

We have a Grady White Canjon 336 whith twin yamahas.

Grady White was our choice after testing and looking at the Persuit 32, Cobia 344, Sea hunter 33, Everglade 35. I am happy we made the choice for the Canjon 33,6 Grady white. the boat runs smooth and very confortable ( My wife love the boat), we do 35 mph to 44 mph all the time and it covers a lot of fishing ground, I am very impress and happy with the Grady white.

August 6, 2019 -

Canyon 336

Tank of the Sea

The inlet from the ICW to the Atlantic is as treacherous as they come. Going out to sea on an outgoing tide into an East wind Our Grady White 336 Canyon handles the stacked up water like mere ripples. Same for when the weather blows up when we are caught between inlets and we have no choice but to ride it out. Our 336 Canyon, Blue Devil plows through the waves like tank rolling over sand dunes in a North African desert.

August 3, 2019 -