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Grady-White Canyon 456, 45′ Center Console

Grady-White Canyon 456

Canyon 456

45′ Center Console

Re-imagine the luxury sportfishing yacht. Grady-White’s new flagship, the Canyon 456 center console, is incredibly spacious, technically sophisticated, and more richly appointed than any other outboard sportfishing boat. The 456 Grady is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and is superbly engineered for an entirely new level of elegance. It has by far the widest beam in the category and is also the largest unsinkable boat of its kind.

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The Grady-White Canyon 456, is a 45-foot center console that is an extraordinary blend of space, technical prowess, and more richly equipped than any other outboard sportfishing boat. The Canyon 456 stands as a testament to Grady-White’s commitment to excellence. Unlike any other in its category, this superbly engineered vessel boasts the widest beam, offering an incredibly spacious environment. As the largest unsinkable boat of its kind, it sets a new standard for elegance and sophistication among fiberglass boats.

The Canyon 456 is more than just a vessel; it represents a new dimension in boating, attracting avid fans with its attention to detail and unmatched design. Crafted for those seeking a top-of-the-line alternative to traditional luxury sportfish yachts, it seamlessly combines the attributes of a tough battlewagon fishing machine with those of a superior cruising yacht. With an impressive 32-rod storage, the Canyon 456 is equipped for any adventure. The Sea Command CenterTM, an exclusive feature by Grady-White, takes center stage with its striking design, exceptional comfort, and cutting-edge technology. The helm, featuring four premium electronically adjustable seats, provides easy access to various systems, electronics, and controls. The CZone® digital switching technology enables effortless control of onboard systems, with the added convenience of remote access via a smartphone app. The Canyon 456’s SeaV2® ride offers an unparalleled experience, combining the performance of a sports car on the water with the seaworthy reliability for which Grady-White is renowned.

Whether in motion or at rest, this impressive vessel, with its Fusion Signature Series stereo system and exquisite design, is poised to delight even the most discerning Captain. The Grady-White Canyon 456 isn’t just a boat; it’s a masterful fusion of form and function, setting a new standard for those who demand the best on the open seas.

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If you’re ready to explore the extraordinary spaciousness, cutting-edge technology, and opulent appointments of the Canyon 456 we invite you to contact us at Cannons Marina. Whether you’re a seasoned captain seeking the pinnacle of luxury sportfishing or a discerning adventurer transitioning from a larger inboard, the Canyon 456 awaits your discovery. To truly appreciate the seamless blend of a tough battlewagon fishing machine and a superior cruising yacht, book your sea trial and experience firsthand the unparalleled performance and seaworthy reliability that define the Grady-White signature hull design.

Contact us today and set sail into a world where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and where the Grady-White Canyon 456 awaits your command. If you’re seeking new boats for sale near you or eyeing used boats for sale near Longboat Key, Florida, our exceptional vessels await your discovery.


Grady-White Canyon 456, 45′ Center Console
Beam Amidships 14' (4.27 m)
Center Line Length w/o Engine 45' (13.72 m)
Bridge Clearance 10'5" (3.18 m)
Bridge Clearance w/ T-Top TBD
Cockpit Depth 28" (0.71 m)
Hull Draft 30" (0.76 m)
Transom Deadrise 21 degrees (SeaV2® progression)
Maximum HP 1700 (1268 kW)
Fuel Capacity - Standard 616 gal (2,332 l)
Weight w/o Engine 24,500 lb (11,113 kg)

Performance Data


Available Colors


Classic Grady White (gelcoat)


Celestial Blue
Coastal Fog Blue
Sea Glass
Seaport Blue
Cape Gray
Harbor Blue


Fishing on the Canyon 456

Canyon 456 on the water

Power & Motoryacht on the 456

FishTalk on the 456

Florida Sportsman on the 456


Canyon 456

Great Boat! Would purchase again!

Absolutely loving my Grady White Canyon 456! I would never even consider another boat manufacturer. The fit and finish are first class!

April 18, 2023 -

Canyon 456

456 Canyon Master of the Sea

I bought 2022 456 Grady White Canyon and received it in January last year. I was told the ride in a Grady is like no other. Having not ridden in one I was skeptical. I can now verify this boats ride is awesome and dry. It’s got to be a rough rough windy day to get wet. The Seakeeper works magic on the water keeping it from rolling side to side. It makes it easy to walk around the boat when fishing while trolling or bottom fishing. The 4-425 Yamaha Engines give the beast a ton of Power!

December 16, 2022 -

Canyon 456

Awesome baot

Grady white has exceeded my expectations. Rarely is a new boat delivered with so many features and so many complex electronics And not have issues with is amazing. Your people made the learning of all the features very enjoyable. Grady white builds a very solid, functional, head turning beautiful boat.

March 21, 2022 -

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